Free vector art download old engraved emblems: Brick, Cork, Glass, Rubber (India), Ivory, Paper, Sponge, Wood

Wood, Building & Crafting Materials Antique Emblems

by Eric Fritz

in Decorative Elements, Vector Objects

Here is the last group of antique emblems of common things from yesteryear. This time it’s Wood Brick, Cork, Glass, Rubber (India), Ivory, Paper, Sponge.

The wood emblem shows sawmilling of tree trunks. Wood slabs are cut, used for furniture like tabletops, furniture and other wood crafts. Urban timber wood slabs can be purchased, the more unique the wood grain the more expensive.

This free download is an Illustrator PDF – pure vector art (10.5 MB). These old emblems, signs… not sure what to call them, but they can be used for commercial works.

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free vector art download

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