Vector art of very old engravings depicting early-1800's extreme religious devotion in India

Vector Art of Ancient Religious Devotion: Self-Torture Painful Poses

by Eric Fritz

in People Vector Art

I’m sharing some very old and unusual engravings depicting early-1800’s extreme religious devotion in India – devotion of the self-torture type. One man had been standing eight years, day and night. The author described his feet and legs as “so swollen as to require bandages to prevent their bursting”… Yikes! Another devotee kept his arm elevated until it had become stiff, and the fingernails had grown six or eight inches. The third figure elevated both arms. A former soldier who lost his leg and was released by the army, he turned devotee. “He took a small idol in each hand, and elevated them above his head until his arms became perfectly stiff and immovable”.

Certainly not a complete reflection of the country of origin, I hope designers can find a use for these dark themed, strange free vectors. A metal or goth music cd graphic design comes to mind. Overlay one on an old paper texture or reverse it gray against a black/brown background to get started. Add them to your freebies collection today – these vectors are free from copyright. Use them in personal and commercial works.

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